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Finn in Arkansas


We estimate Finn to be between 8 to 10 years old. He is being fostered in Arkansas. Finn came to us from a shelter and was extremely ill with pneumonia and spent several weeks in the hospital. He is much better and is a very affectionate and confident boy. He does great with other dogs and older children. Finn loves to be on your lap and snuggle, if not there than on a pile of pillows! He does have issues with stairs due to luxating patellas. His forever home should be one with very few, if any, stairs. We are waiting to do a dental and neuter him until he is 100% over the respiratory illness.

8 - 10 years old old



Trained?: Yes

Good with Kids?: Yes

Good with Dogs?: Yes, Only Cavaliers

Good with Cats?: Not Tested

Contact Information


Personality Traits


Has Occasional Accidents

Crate Trained

One Person Dog

Compatible with Men

Compatible with Women

Compatible with Kids Under 5

Compatible with Kids 5-10

Compatible with Kids Over 10

Exhibits Submissive Behavior

Exhibits Aggressive Behavior

Friendly with Strangers


Good with Other Animals

Treats / Chews Furniture / Carpet


Jumps on People

Barks at Noises

Fearful of Strange Noises/Storms

Barks at Someone at the Door

Barks Excessively

Rides Well in the Car

Minds Baths/Grooming

Minds Toenails Clipped

Minds Ears Cleaned

Sleeps in Crate

Can Be Left Alone Uncrated

Sleeps on Bed/Sofa/Chair

Allowed on Furniture

Is a Good Eater

Steals Food from Table/Counters

Walks on Leash

Is Obedience Trained

Other Behavior Traits Not Covered Above

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