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Over the Bridge




Essie came in to the Rescue Trust on September 18th 2017. At her initial intake it was found that she was in Kidney failure and was struggling with a severe heart disease. She was placed on medication to help ease her discomfort and make her comfortable. We where able to provide Essie with a foster home in a safe loving environment where she quickly became part of the pack and felt at home. As her health declined she was hospitalized for several days. At that time the her foster would visit daily and the staff at the clinic fell in love with her, there was always someone by her side to keep her safe and warm never allowing her to suffer, feel scared or alone. On November 16th Essie asked to earn her wings she was held close and in a soft whisper in her ear told “I love you and you are special to me” as she crossed the bridge. She had a private cremation and was then returned to the last place she called home. With out supporters like you, Essie would have found herself in a cold strange place alone scared and suffering. You help her life have meaning and end with dignity.



Trained?: Not Tested

Good with Kids?: Not Tested

Good with Dogs?: No

Good with Cats?: Not Tested

Contact Information

Personality Traits


Has Occasional Accidents

Crate Trained

One Person Dog

Compatible with Men

Compatible with Women

Compatible with Kids Under 5

Compatible with Kids 5-10

Compatible with Kids Over 10

Exhibits Submissive Behavior

Exhibits Aggressive Behavior

Friendly with Strangers


Good with Other Animals

Treats / Chews Furniture / Carpet


Jumps on People

Barks at Noises

Fearful of Strange Noises/Storms

Barks at Someone at the Door

Barks Excessively

Rides Well in the Car

Minds Baths/Grooming

Minds Toenails Clipped

Minds Ears Cleaned

Sleeps in Crate

Can Be Left Alone Uncrated

Sleeps on Bed/Sofa/Chair

Allowed on Furniture

Is a Good Eater

Steals Food from Table/Counters

Walks on Leash

Is Obedience Trained

Other Behavior Traits Not Covered Above

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