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Maggie is a Forever Foster


Maggie is about 12 years old and is a forever foster in Texas. A very sweet lady who would due to her health and age she will remain with us. She has arthritis and loves to snuggle with calm small dogs or her people. She is on medications for high blood pressure and arthritis, and needs her heart evaluated by a cardiologist on a regular basis.

12 years old old



Trained?: Yes

Good with Kids?: No

Good with Dogs?: Yes - Only Little

Good with Cats?: Not Tested

Contact Information


Personality Traits


Has Occasional Accidents

Crate Trained

One Person Dog

Compatible with Men

Compatible with Women

Compatible with Kids Under 5

Compatible with Kids 5-10

Compatible with Kids Over 10

Exhibits Submissive Behavior

Exhibits Aggressive Behavior

Friendly with Strangers


Good with Other Animals

Treats / Chews Furniture / Carpet


Jumps on People

Barks at Noises

Fearful of Strange Noises/Storms

Barks at Someone at the Door

Barks Excessively

Rides Well in the Car

Minds Baths/Grooming

Minds Toenails Clipped

Minds Ears Cleaned

Sleeps in Crate

Can Be Left Alone Uncrated

Sleeps on Bed/Sofa/Chair

Allowed on Furniture

Is a Good Eater

Steals Food from Table/Counters

Walks on Leash

Is Obedience Trained

Other Behavior Traits Not Covered Above

She has slight storm anxiety

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