volunter225The ACKCS Rescue Trust is in need of good volunteers!  Working for the good of Cavaliers in need is a very rewarding experience.  If you are a new volunteer or are considering becoming a volunteer or one of our longtime volunteers, we are very grateful for your interest and support.

If you have an interest in working with the ACKCS Rescue Trust, please understand the following:

Rescues come our way at the most inopportune times.  They will interfere with your life and plans.  Sometimes rescue work is sad and does not have a happy ending.  Sometimes, the health defects or ailments cannot be overcome by human intervention.  However, more often you will be rewarded by saving a Cavalier from adversity.  You will see the appreciation in those lovely eyes and the thank you in the wag of a tail as the rescued Cavalier becomes part of a new, caring, and loving family.

We work on a need to know basis and do not disclose specific information regarding surrender to the public.  Under no circumstances, do we ever alert the media to the circumstances surrounding a rescue operation.  We treat those who surrender their dogs to us with nothing but respect.  We are there for the dogs only and do not pass judgement on those surrendering their dogs. 

We do not purchase dogs or assist anyone in purchasing dogs.  We do not work with groups who do.
We work for the dogs without glory for ourselves.  Our greatest reward is a happy Cavalier in a forever home.  We work for the dogs and not for ourselves or our egos.

If you have experience with dogs, are a team player, can follow guidelines set by those with many years of experience in rescue, don't need public accolades and can keep information confidential while taking satisfaction knowing you’ve helped a Cavalier in need, we encourage you to complete the Volunteer Application.  You will be given support by an experienced and caring team of like minded people.

The dogs need all of us and they cannot wait.  The dogs need you to volunteer now.



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