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We have many success stories and many dogs we have helped over the years.  We’re featuring just a few of those dogs who have made a difference in their new family’s lives.

  • Sabine
  • Doogan
  • Bella
  • King
  • Popcorn
  • Cassidy Charlotte Rose

CelebrationSabine and Courtney

In 2009, “Nellie,” a tricolor Cavalier, was found wandering alongside the road in northern Wisconsin and was taken in by a local shelter.   Two shelter volunteers took Nellie in and then turned her over to the Rescue Trust.  She came to us in November and stayed for about a month.  Around the same time, a young woman named Courtney saw a sign promoting the Rescue Trust.  Courtney called, came over to visit Nellie, and a match was made.  Nellie was adopted by the young woman who lives near Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.  She changed Nellie’s name to Sabine and they began their life together.  We felt that Sabine and Courtney were a perfect fit for each other and we were confident that we had made a good placement.

Recently, we received an invitation from Courtney to visit them at their east side condo.  Courtney was having a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of Sabine coming into her life.  We were joined by Sabine’s favorite human friends who have played a part in her life.  Courtney also invited us to bring our Cavaliers so we took along our 2-year-old ruby boy, Coco.  The two Cavaliers had a ball together.  Finally Coco met a Cavalier with the same energy level as he has.   It was truly a happy occasion.

Sabine and Coco

Sabine is a sweet, loving tri girl who enjoys life in the city.  She jogs with Courtney on a regular basis and has a dog walker who comes in daily while Courtney is at work.  She attends doggie day care once a week and while there she was asked to model for a department store ad.  Her role as a model fell through however, as she was too big to put in a purse!  In summer Sabine is an avid swimmer and is lucky to live so close to Lake Michigan where she swims frequently.

It was a beautiful experience to reunite with one of our fosters and to celebrate a perfect match.



Doogan was surrendered to rescue after a vet student working at a Madison, Wisconsin emergency clinic called, telling us that Doogan was bought in after a combined hernia repair and neuter surgery had failed.  This little guy needed urinary surgery to save his life.  The Rescue Trust paid for the surgery.   Doogan was fostered by the vet student, who helped him to recover.  Doogan did  recover quickly and is now with his forever family in Madison, living the happy life this Cavalier deserves.






Bella's prior owner rescued her from unscrupulous breeders who were going to put her down at a shelter because they couldn't sell her.  Her intention was to never keep her but find her a better home ...

Because of how amazing this little tri-girl is ... she kept her longer than she thought she would.  In the end her living situation changed due to school and had to either drop her off at a shelter or find her a new home.  She couldn't find her a new home so contacted the rescue organization.

Bella has now been placed in a wonderful forever home.  But during her foster period, Bella's foster dad wrote:  "Bella lives up to every part of what her name means:  She's beyond beautiful inside and out. I consider it a privilege albeit a tough one .... helping this little girl find her forever-home   (she's asleep under my desk as I type this)."








On July 28th, ACKCS Rescue Trust was notified of 2 Cavaliers in kill shelters. By the time we were made aware of the situation, one had been kept in an outdoor run, in extremely high temperatures for 10 days. He was missing an eye, had inflammation of the one remaining eye and a severe case of flea bite dermatitis. His picture haunted us all and still does. They were slated for euthanasia within days. With only one eye, King was considered unadoptable.King's Shelter Photo Haunted Us

Thankfully, CKCSC of Southern California members helped us rescue both these dogs. Club members quickly volunteered, removing them from the shelter situations and got them to veterinarians. They found foster homes and held a fund raiser in a short amount of time. We are very appreciative of their combined efforts on behalf of the dogs.

Being notified of a Cavalier in a kill shelter is, unfortunately, not uncommon in recent months. Shelters don’t always contact rescue groups and will adopt out younger Cavaliers they get because they can actually make money on the adoption process. We usually are notified only of those they deem unadoptable.

King's new familyThe ACKCS Rescue Trust has taken fourteen Cavaliers from shelters within the past year. That’s three times as many as in past years. That number does not include the others we pass onto other nonprofit rescue groups because we don’t have volunteers in the geographical area the Cavalier needs help. Our few volunteers are stretched to the limit and will seemingly move mountains to rescue a Cavalier in need.With more Cavaliers in shelters, we are often presented with dogs requiring more veterinary care. The health challenges we face with these shelter dogs are often fixable, but it means our veterinary costs have increased substantially.

 King endured much hardship until he came into possession of the ACKCS Rescue Trust. He now is living very happily with his new family and is truly a King.


Popcorn was taken into rescue after a call from a shelter in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. Popcorn had been found wandering along the road.  After several weeks of waiting for someone to claim Popcorn, the shelter decided to call the Rescue Trust.  Popcorn was an absolutely sweet cavalier who loved to go on walks and sit on your lap.


Popcorn started his new life with an older couple in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  He also found a brother whom he just loved from the start.  They are all enjoying their new life together.

Cassidy Charlotte Rosecassidy charlotte rose

Cassidy Charlotte Rose appeared to have lived her life on wire producing puppies.  When she came to us we don’t think she had ever walked on solid flooring.  She had a very severe flea bite dermatitis which caused her hair loss.  The Rescue Trust had her spayed and her teeth cleaned.  She also had surgery to remove the numerous mammary cancers she had.  In spite of her life experience, “Rosie” had true Cavalier temperament.  She now lives the good life and makes full use of a comfortable couch and bed. 
























































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