About the ACKCS Rescue Trust Logo

In the fall of 2009, a little tricolor dog named Oakley blessed the lives of those of us involved with the ACKCS Rescue Trust. Before coming to us he had been rescued three different times in his short two years of life and he came with serious health issues.  Unfortunately, we were unable to conquer those issues, no matter how hard we tried.  Although the physical life of this little tricolor dog ended far too soon, Oakley’s spirit remains in the hearts of each of us with the ACKCS Rescue Trust. 

The Trustees and National Director of the ACKCS Rescue Trust had been working for several months on a logo.  No matter what was presented, it just wasn’t right.  About this time, Oakley was taken into rescue and he quickly became the ACKCS Rescue Trust’s heart dog.  We saw the pictures of Oakley and knew we had found our logo.  Though Oakley is gone, his spirit remains.  He is here to represent every dog taken into rescue and every dog in need of rescue.  We look into his eyes and are reminded that no matter how challenging, inconvenient, difficult, unpleasant or painful the situation may be, we must always come to the aid of a Cavalier in need.

Oakley’s story may be read in full by going to The Dogs page and clicking on Oakley.


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